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This site really helped me with my ISP needs. Thanks!

Jessie Q.

I was stuck with a really bad internet provider before finding this site, but I have since solved that problem. It’s amazing what you can do with the right information at hand.

Bruce S.

Coming here has really given me a lot to think about with regards to choosing my internet carrier and I’m a lot happier for it!

Sarah H.

Yes! No more super slow internet for me!

Norman V.

Been going about choosing my ISP wrong the whole time and now know better. This site really helped me a lot and won’t forget what I learned here in a hurry….

Kurt M.

I can finally play my online games without constantly getting logged out and binging on Netflix shows has also gotten better. I really thought I had good internet until I found out that I didn’t. just shows what I know

Marci T.


  1. Thanks! I’ve managed to switch to a more reliable ISP after learning more about the specifics of choosing.
  2. Recently had to change my internet service provider and it’s really great that I came across this article before doing so. It really saved me there.
  3. I wish I had come here before I signed up with my current carrier. Now I’m regretting all kinds of things because of the nonsense that it has been putting me through. I’ll be getting off my current plan as soon as I’m able.